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Anrakuji & Octagnal Tower

This tower is in Anraku-ji temple area where has a traditon from Kamakura-period and having an ancient and honorable origin. This oldest tower in Nagano Prefecture was built in the 13th century called ‘Hakkaku Sanju no To’ (three-storied octagonal tower) and is the only octagonal wooden tower in Japan to be recognized the first place of national treasure in Nagano Prefecture. Very valuable design and location is within the forest area.

Kitamuki-Kannon Temple

This stature of the Goddess Kannon is one of the most famous tourist place at the city. Originally, people made offerings to ward off evils and to pray for good luck. In addition, there are many sightseeing spots including a big katsura tree called Aizen-katsura, which is said to be beneficial for a good marriage.

Remarkably, the temple is facing the north that is very special case for temple. It means to show people the temple showing kind of the mark when they travel without lose their way as like the polaris star. Furthermore, as the temple facing Zenko-ji, where the most famous temple in Nagano and widely known, reccomended to pray both for the furtune.   

Jyoraku-ji Temple

This temple was built by the high-ranking priest Jikaku Daishi and is the head temple of the Kitamuki Kannon temple complex. A famous 2.8- meter stone tower (an important cultural asset) stands in cedar trees on the hill at the back of the approach. Also within the area, there are some many remarkable spots such as small lake, huge pine tree, quiet and sophisiticated garden so on.











Out-side Public Baths

Histricaly most of Onsen town has a outside-public baths and also there is in Bessho Onsen. Those located within Bassho Onsen town area and used it long term period for not only tourist people, also mainly for residents. Only cost JPY150 to get in to refresh by Onsen hot-spring as well as the aspect of communicate tourist to residents.  

Local Feelings

Although 1 and half hour from Tokyo, Bessho has a very mountain-side and local atomosphare to feel local Japanese experience. Great four-seasons, cool breeze, whimsical mood, rural randscape.

Remarkably, the average annual rainfall amount is very few compare to the avarage in Japan, very suitable to trip around.

Bessho Onsen Ryokan Association

1853-3 Bessho-Onsen

Ueda-City, Nagano, Japan





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