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Long time ago, when Prince Yamatotakeru made a punitive expedition to the East, he was able to confort his soldiers in their suffering in a hot-spring that he named ‘Hot spring in Nanakuri’that means ‘to get rid of seven bad sufferings’. Later on, the characters were changed to mean ‘the country side of seven eternities’, expressing the wish that to hot spring would remain popular over a long period. Then people said Bessho Onsen is the oldest hot spring town in Nagano and is mentioned in ‘Makura No Soshi’ which one of the most famous book in 10 century. 


The History of BESSHO ONSEN

The oldest hot spring resort in NAGANO

The etymological root of Bessho in Betsudokoro, was the area located closed to

the house of Hojo family in around 12th century who is one of the relative of

the general in Japan at the period having a strong power and mede this region

as their resort including constructing of many temples, hot spring inns so on.

After that, many monks and people visit here to pray and stay. 

Further more, there are many legend history exist in this area.

Yukimura Sanada, who is one of the famous Samurai Warrior in 16th century,

lived in this Ueda-city (Ueda castle) and Bessho onsen is known as his secret bath. 

His historical counterpart is best known for his steadfast defense against the Tokugawa at Osaka and accomplishments have been exaggerated after his death, and he is often heralded as the "greatest warrior of the land”.

Such long history make this Bessho Onsen developed and nowadays approximately 30 thousands people visit this area to stay, pray and enjoy their trip. 

The History of Ueda City

Ueda City is in the Eastern Region of Nagano Prefecture, which is located almost in the center of Japan. It is 190 km from Tokyo (1hours 20 minutes by train) and 40 km from the city of Nagano, which played host to the 1998 Winter Olympic Games. In 1889, Ueda was officially designated as a town. However, due to a strong economy, primarily from the prosperity of the Silk Industry, Ueda town began to attract great sums of wealth, and came to be known as "Silk City". At that time the population grew rapidly and in 1919 was reclassified as Ueda City. 


Flourished by Sericulture


Ueda City is also captivated by the latest industry exploding on the scene, the Information Industry. This industry is growing and prospering very rapidly in and around Ueda and is exemplified by the new Multimedia Information Center completed in 1995. This center provides visitors with an opportunity for hands, on interaction with computers, linking them to the multimedia universe in the Gallery.

The Service

Warm Hospitality
Ryokan in Bessho

There are 16 different types of Ryokan in Bessho Onsen that serves great highlite of Onsen, Cuisine,room based on tradition in Bessho.

Are able to chose depending on your budget and favourite.   

The Taste

Local flavor and quality
Eat well, Stay Well

This Mountain surraunded area with great nature produce rich natural environment remains makes a great natural ingredient. 

Also long tradition in this area has a variety of food.

The Travel

 The Histry and Nature

Known as 'Kamakura-in-Shinsu' in this area exist many historical temples and shrine Subordinately, the town itsself developed as a majour tourist place in Nagano. Also mountain side has a trecking area with great quiet nature. 

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